When Nature Calls, Adventure Begins – 1st Quarter Team Building

    After a long day at work, we were finally able to have a Team Outing! As approved by the management we were given Php 3,000 as budget for our trip. This is the main entrance of where we stayed. We had a small cabin to store all our bags while we went on… Continue reading When Nature Calls, Adventure Begins – 1st Quarter Team Building


Souvenirs from Baguio

My mother bought a history book about Emilio Aguinaldo from the history museum in Baguio— an Interactive history museum dedicated to revolutionary & the first president of the Philippines. They say some of the writings in this book doesn't appear in other history books and it should! Only if there was an english version of… Continue reading Souvenirs from Baguio

Short Travels: Going Out Drinking Before Your Flight Doesn’t End Well

When the plane started to take off I knew that I lo to travel, that little adrenaline rush you get from the plane taking off felt amazing. I had a big smile on my face and from that point onwards, i was in-love. A couple of things that sucks when youre in the plane is… Continue reading Short Travels: Going Out Drinking Before Your Flight Doesn’t End Well

A Test That You Might Want To Share With Your Friends

You find yourself in a forest and you look down on the ground— What do you see? As you started walking, you suddenly see an animal. — What animal is it? — Did you approach the animal? What did you do or how did you feel? As you started walking, you see a horse 🐴… Continue reading A Test That You Might Want To Share With Your Friends

Our Hair Dye Adventure Begins

It's that time of the month again when we dye our hair with funky colors because who wants to be a normie right? Lol. Here's what we used Preferred hair color Gloves Bowl & brush for the dye Shampoo Conditioner Towel Music — because you're going to wait for an hour to finish the whole… Continue reading Our Hair Dye Adventure Begins

Zara Haul

Another clothing line admiration of mine is Zara— you'd never go wrong with a clean, chíc and minimalist outfit. 2 items fresh and new from the clothing rack, an sophisticated sleeveless white top and paired with an elegant white trousers. Both items are from the TRF Collection under the label Join Life, they categorize all… Continue reading Zara Haul

32 Umber Café and Co.

I've always wanted to visit this place, and I finally did! Although me and my friend didn't stay long— we just sat probably for 30 minutes because this café close by 10:00PM The place is pretty small but cozy, I was bummed out we had to leave right away but I'll definitely be back! Here's… Continue reading 32 Umber Café and Co.